Malevolent Wearables for Unrestrained Animals

Malwear is the byproduct of Rock Candy Media’s leftover mind dust, distilled into design, embodied in shirt form.

Learn our story below.

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From Nowhere to Malwear:
How an Idea Got Accidented to Life

Malwear started from less than nothing. It started with a lack of musical talent. If you are a skilled musician or singer this might be hard to imagine, but when we at RCM came up with a cool band name, we had no use for it other than to jot it down on a whiteboard.

Then one day we had an epiphany: you don’t need a band to make band merch, and merch is ultimately the truest expression of a band name.

Thus, Malwear was born. And while we wish we could all blast the latest Vaccine Forest album from our cars or watch Behind the Music: Pageant Material, this is a very close second.

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